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Zovirax Cream

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Zovirax is an antiviral for use on the skin. It is used to treat cold sores, a viral infection occurring on the lips.

When treatment is started at the first sign (tingle) of a cold sore, it prevents the cold sore from appearing. It can also limit the severity of cold sores and speed up the healing process.

What are cold sores?

Cold sores are a very common illness caused by the Herpes Simplex virus (HSV).

Cold sores usually occur on or around the lip, or nose. Unless there is a secondary infection, cold sores usually clear up within 10 days, and do not leave a scar.

The virus remains in the body and cold sores may recur if the person is stressed, tired, feverish or injured. Exposure to sun or wind can also trigger the cold sores. Cold sores are contagious, especially by direct contact, eg. Kissing. Cold sores are usually preceded by a feeling of tingling, burning, itching, or numbness in the spot where the cold sore is developing. As the cold sore becomes visible, small red spots and fluid blisters appear. There usually merge together into what looks like one sore.

What are the symptoms?

The primary infection can progress in different ways. Some people only have very mild symptoms or none at all. The first outbreak starts one to three weeks after the virus has been contracted. It subsides spontaneously within a few weeks. Later, if HSV is reactivated, the blisters will return

The first symptom of an outbreak is an unpleasant tingling feeling in the skin. After a short while, a number of fluid-filled blisters appear

The sores become covered by scabs which typically fall off after eight to ten days. The virus can spread until the sores are completely covered by scabs.

Around 20 per cent of the people with HSV antibodies have recurrent attacks of cold sores throughout their lives.

In children, the virus can infect the mouth and throat (gingivostomatitis herpetica acuta). The infection may be accompanied by a fever and general aches and pains.

What can be done to prevent cold sores?

*Use sunscreen so the virus is not reactivated by exposure to the sun.
*Avoid astringents on the cold sore.
*Remember that the cold sore is very contagious
*Avoid passing it on through kissing and using others peoples towels, face flannels, etc.
*Don’t touch eyes with fingers after touching cold sores.
*Catch the cold sore early next time. Have Zovirax on hand, ready to use at the first tingle.


If symptoms persist, consult your doctor. Do not use if you are pregnant unless your doctor advises you.


Zovirax cream contains Aciclovir 5%

How to use Zovirax cream


It is important to start treatment at the first sign of a cold sore (the tingling, itching, buming stage).

1. Wash and dry hands thoroughly.

2. Apply a small amount of Zovirax cream directly onto the cold sore. Rub in gently until all the cream disappears. Do not apply this medicine inside the mouth.

3. Wash hands again.

Unless otherwise directed, use this medicine five times a day for 5 days, even if the cold sore begins to heal. If the cold sore has not healed after 5 days, continue treatment for another 5 days.

Contact your doctor if the cold sore has not healed in ten days.

While using your medicine

If you forget to use this medicine, apply it as soon as you remember then go back to using it as you would normally.

Missed doses will mean this medicine is less effective.

If you feel this medicine is not working or if your condition gets worse, contact your doctor as soon as possible.

Store this medicine in a cool, dry place, out of the reach of children. Replace cap firmly after use.

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