Fastum Gel – Ketoprofen 2.5%


Fastum Gel
Ketoprofen 2.5%
Brand : Menarini
30g Tube

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Fastum Gel – Ketoprofen 2.5%

Fastum Gel Ketoprofen 2.5% is a Non-Steroidal AntiInflammatory Analgesic Drugs .  It is used to relieve pain and reduce inflammation caused by soft tissue injuries, acute strains, sprains and tendonitis.
Ketoprofen works by preventing the production of certain natural chemicals in your body that cause pain and inflammation

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How To Use Fastum Gel Ketoprofen 2.5%

Here we give you a general mode of use, but if this product has been prescribed by a doctor, first strictly follow his instructions.

Apply between 5 to 10 cm of gel on the affected area and massage gently until the gel is absorbed by the skin 3 times a day. Wash your hands immediately after use.
Ketoprofen gel is for external use only. Never apply more than 25 g per day, this could cause serious side effects. Also do not expose the affected area to the sun during treatment and for the next 2 weeks.
You must be over 12 years of age to use this product.

Ketoprofen 2.5% Side Effects

Like all medicines, this gel can have certain side effects. You should immediately contact a doctor if you experience the symptoms listed below.

  • Localised allergic skin reactions such as redness, swelling,
    itching and blisters: in some severe cases, these might also
    spread beyond the area of application
  • Burning sensation
  • Increased sensitivity of your skin to sunlight.
  • Severe skin reactions (similar to severe sunburn) during exposure to sunlight
  • Blisters on the skin
  • Itchy skin rash
  • Cases of more severe forms of eczema which may spread or become generalized.

This product has also some rare side effects, please see the list in the patient leaflet for more information

If you need more information about this product, you can view and download the patient leaflet Here

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