Elidel Cream


Elidel Cream
Pimecrolimus 1%
Brand : Novartis

15g  Tube

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Elidel Cream

Elidel cream contains the active ingredient pimecrolimus which is an effective nonsteroid treatment
for an inflammation of the skin called atopic dermatitis (eczema).
This acts in skin cells that cause inflammation and eczema’s characteristic redness and itching.

Elidel Cream is available over the counter aswell a large choice of creams , ointments and solutions for all skin conditions.

What is Elidel Cream used for :

 – Treatment of mild and moderate eczema in adult and children (over 2 years old))

Elidel cream is an alternative to topical corticosteroids ( clobetasol , Betamethasone ) . It is used when other prescription medicines or emollients have not been effective,  when they should not be used because of side effects or when the prolonged use of steroids is inappropriate.

Using it when first signs and symptoms appears may prevent the progression of eczema.

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How to use Elidel Cream :

Apply the cream as follows:

• Wash and dry your hands.
• Open the tube (the first time you use the tube you will need to break the seal using the spike in the
top of the cap).
• Squeeze the cream onto your finger.
• Apply a thin layer of Elidel and completely cover the affected skin.
• Apply only on areas affected with eczema
• Rub in gently and fully.
• Replace the cap on the tube.

The cream should be applied twice daily, in the morning and in the evening.
You can use moisturisers (emollients) with Elidel. If you use moisturisers, they should be applied
immediately after Elidel cream.
Avoid contact with water right after applying the cream ( do not bath, shower or swim ). This could wash off the cream.

How long to apply Elidel

Long term treatment should be intermittent and not continuous. Stop Elidel as soon as signs of eczema
have disappeared.
Continue using the cream for as long as your doctor advises.
Stop the treatment and consult your doctor if no improvement occurs after 6 weeks or if your
eczema gets worse.

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