• Are your Products authentic ?

Yes, they are 100% authentic, what you buy is what you see on the oictures, we won’t send generic or copies of these medicines

  • Why are the prices so low compared to my country ?

there are many factors , but mainly it’s because health is not a business in some countries, so medicines are cheaper.

  • Where are your products maid ?

It dépends, but it is usually made in the origin country of the laboratory, there is no difference between the product you buy in your local pharmacy and the product you buy in my shop.

  • When will you ship my package ?

After we receive the payment, we will process your order within 24h to 72h

  • Do you provide tracking number ?

We provide tracking number for each shipments

  • When will I get my package ?

Delivery time varies from country to country, it usually takes 10 day to 6 weeks

Feel Free to CONTACT US if you have any specific question, we will do our best to help you